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Pick Up and Delivery Services

Pick Up and Delivery Services

Door to door delivery

Courier pick up and delivery services provide door to door delivery for your packages and parcels, so you can send packages in the US and worldwide from the comfort of your home or office.

When you book online with Bestway Courier Miami, you’ll find a choice of courier pick up services to choose from operated by big brand couriers such as DHL and FedEx. What’s more, when you book through our shipping calculator, our discounted rates will ensure you save money too!

Save yourself a trip to the Post Office and get a pickup and delivery quote with Bestway Courier Miami

Pick up and delivery for large items

Sending a large package can be a logistical nightmare, so save yourself the hassle and book a courier collection straight from your door. No need to carry heavy items to the Post Office, with Bestway Courier Miami you can get discounted shipping rates for shipping large and heavy parcels and book large item courier pick up services for both domestic and international shipments.